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Motherfunkers 30/03/2017

Girls Night @ Antwerp Mansion

So it's the end of second term and I still can't quite get over the fact that I'm more than half way through my degree already! As we won't be seeing much of each other due to the upcoming Easter break and exam season, all my house girls and I went out together.  Unfortunately, it has become a very rare occasion for all 6 of the house girls to be out at the same time so I thought it was only right to capture the occasion. 

Antwerp Mansion is an old squat that now hosts club nights and last year I was very sceptical about it, turning my nose up at the whole thing. I'd convinced myself that it was dirty and that I wouldn't like the music or the atmosphere. However, I have been twice now and I have to say I've been truly converted. I would go as far to say the few nights out I have been on here have been some of the best I've had in Manchester. I was right about it being a mess, nothing can quite prepare you for the state of the toilets, but once you get over that and get into the habit of bringing toilet roll with you, it's an all round great night! Perhaps the best part about Antwerp is there is absolutely no judgement, you can rock up in your pyjamas and nobody will even look twice, saves spending hours dressing up for the more pretentious bars and clubs in the city centre!

I can't tell you how lucky I am to have found these girls, or more honestly, how thankful I am that they adopted me into their group! I have heard many a horror story about other people's experiences with uni housemates or not even finding people they click with at all, and it only makes me more grateful that I have these sassy ladies in my life. Here's to many more hilarious nights out complete with too many selfies, crazy embarrassing dance moves and fried chicken in the early hours of the morning.


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