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Outfit Of The Night - Jimmy's Bar


Last night, I went to Jimmy's Bar in the Northern Quarter with a few of the girls from my house. We are never ones to turn down a pub quiz, and since Jimmy's were also putting on Cat Bingo, we definitely weren't going to miss it! 

So I thought I'd just share with you the details of the outfit I wore last night, perfect for any occasion where you might need a smart-casual look - both comfortable and with minimal effort.

Most of this look is made of of pieces I've had for a while now so I will link the items that are still available but anything that is not available will have links for alternatives down below.

Velvet Multirow Choker - ASOS                                Alternative - ASOS
Black V Neck Shirt - Dorothy Perkins                      Alternative - ASOS
Black Jeans Belt - ASOS                                            Alternative - ASOS
Cropped Wide Leg Jeans - Dr Denim @ ASOS       Alternative - Levi's @ ASOS
Black Boots - Schuh
I threw on a leather jacket by Warehouse on top as it was bitterly cold outside and I was good to go.

Pub Quiz & Cat Bingo 

This is the second time I have been to Jimmy's Bar now and I love it here, decked out in neon signs and band artwork, it's got an effortlessly great atmosphere. The music is almost as good as the drinks, they do a great Jack Daniels and lemonade slush puppy which is my personal favourite. The quiz was called 'The UnGoogleable Pub Quiz' and it most definitely lived up to the name. Consisting of rounds like 'All About The Bass' where you had to guess the song just from hearing the baseline and 'Is That A Cat?' where you literally had to guess if a sound was being made by a cat. Admittedly we didn't do too well at the quiz but regardless had a great time. Now Cat Bingo, I had never heard of or seen anywhere before, but turns out we're really good at it, ultimately it is just bingo with cat breeds instead of numbers. We actually won Bingo and were very happy to receive a bottle of prosecco and a Jimmy's t-shirt as our prize, a fabulous end to an even better evening.


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