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Who Inspires Me?

As this blog is primarily about me sharing my own personal style, I thought it was only right for me to share with you the people in the fashion world who continually inspire me. I could reel off various names for days as I am constantly finding new people I admire, whether that's through social media such as Instagram or Pinterest, fashion blogs or even someone I happen to walk past on the street. However, I have whittled it down and these are my top 5 style icons who consistently style outfits that I love whether its a casual everyday outfit or a maxed up evening do. I one day hope to develop my own confident and distinctive look as these influential women all do.

Megan Ellaby

Fashion Blogger & You Tuber -
Instagram - @meganellaby

My number one spot was a no-brainer, of course it's Megan Ellaby, every time. When it comes to personal style, in my opinion she is THE best. Not afraid to play with clashing patterns or bold colours, Megan has a very statement style heavily influenced by the 70s and the music scene. She has an impressive collection of star prints, leather jackets and band tees, loves a statement coat and has the perfect balance of high street with a few investment designer pieces. I never fail to love each and every one of her outfits and am always looking forward to the next.

Alexa Chung

Fashion Model, Presenter & Contributing Editor at Vogue
Instagram - @alexachung

Alexa Chung is just effortlessly chic. One of the most influential names in the fashion industry, she even has a Mulberry handbag named after her. I love how she can pull off both androgynous and super feminine looks. Alexa has a very minimal effort approach to her style and her outfits are often based around a few key pieces such as denim, tailored jackets and boxy t-shirts. I feel like everyone can learn how to rock a simple, casual look as Alexa does with such ease. Unsurprisingly, Alexa is also one of Megan Ellaby's main inspirations so you can often see correlations between the both of their styles.


Victoria Beckham

Businesswoman, Fashion Designer, Model & Singer -
Instagram - @victoriabeckham

Victoria Beckham inspires me in more ways than one, she is essentially superwoman. Somehow she manages to be an accomplished businesswoman, designing everything from clothes all the way up to make up, whilst also being a wife and a mum of four. Not only do I love Victoria Beckham's designs, but her personal style is always flawless, often showcasing her own pieces. Never to be seen in flat shoes, her idea of casual is not necessarily the same as mine. However, her style is undeniable and I will forever take inspiration from her classic, tailored looks.


Stella McCartney

Fashion Designer -
Instagram - @stellamccartney

Yet another of my favourite high end designers, Stella McCartney is the queen of smart casual dressing when it comes to her own personal style. She loves a more boxy fit where the draped fabric does all of the talking. A classic tailored jacket and trousers seem to be a fail safe for Stella, often keeping thing monotone which is quite ironic as she is definitely not afraid of colours or patterns in her own designs. The Stella McCartney Elyse Shoes as seen in the first image are my most lusted after designer piece at the moment, I am OBSESSED.

Sienna Miller

Actress, Model & Fashion Designer

Sienna Miller is the personification of a coat hanger in the best possible way, she could wear absolutely anything and look amazing. First of all, slightly off topic but I have total hair envy, it really isn't fair that every hairstyle looks good on her! She an all rounder, rocking everything from bright patterns to monotones and from smart tailoring to floaty, boho chic. Sienna's style is constantly evolving with the current fashion trends and she can style both casual and evening looks with ease. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you can take some inspiration  from these icons of mine and I would love to know of anyone that inspires your own personal style.
Disclaimer - obviously I don't own any of these images!


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