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My Ever Expanding Jewellery Collection

It has to be said that buying jewellery has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, a trait that I'm sure has been passed down through my family as both my Gran and Mum are also pretty avid jewellery hoarders. I'm rarely seen without any jewellery on and permanently have a selection of rings on my fingers. Here's a not so interesting fact - I only wear rings on my left hand as I am right handed and find it IMPOSSIBLE to do anything if I have jewellery on my right hand. I just feel like jewellery and accessories can add so much to even the most basic of outfits and having a wide selection of jewellery allows you to re-wear and re-style items to your hearts content. My personal collection is a combination of high end and high street jewellery. I tend to look for more affordable trend based jewellery and then if I find I'm wearing a particular item a lot, I'll then look to invest in a better quality version. As I have been building this collection for years now, most of these products will be out of season and not in store any more, but I'll try to link my most recent additions. 

Everyday Jewellery

No matter what other jewellery I might be wearing that day, these few pieces always remain consistent. I think these rings are beautiful anyway, but the main reason I choose to wear them everyday is their sentimental value. For example, the Entwined Hearts Ring from Pandora that I wear on my ring finger was an 18th birthday gift from my boyfriend Dylan. I also wear another two Pandora rings, my mum bought me and my sisters matching rings last Christmas. The Delicate Heart Ring and the Heart Stacking Ring I wear on my middle finger and are perfect for layering multiple rings. On top of those I wear a set of three rings which I also received for my 18th birthday. They're handmade in Wales and contain polished glass from a local beach,  as I was leaving for university, my mum thought it would be nice to always have a little bit of home close to me. 

I also wear my watch every day, I feel completely disoriented without it. To be honest I could do with replacing my current Storm watch, it was a gift for my 16th birthday and was my first 'proper' watch but it has now seen better days. There's a similar version still available on the Storm website which I'll link here

Favourite Jewellery Brand - Bibi Bijoux

My most worn and loved jewellery is all by a brand my Gran introduced me to a few years ago now, Bibi Bijoux. As a family we're all pretty much obsessed with this brand. My Gran, Mum, Auntie and I all have several pieces of jewellery from this brand, some pieces even matching each other and it has consequently become a bit of an unspoken tradition to either give or receive pieces from this brand as gifts for Christmas and/or Birthdays. Bibi Bijoux is an affordable luxury jewellery brand that provides quality pieces that are both beautiful and make a statement. Here are the pieces that I currently own. My personal favourite is actually a heart charm necklace that I received as a gift from my Gran and was the first Bibi Bijoux piece I ever owned.

Bibi Bijoux Necklaces
Bibi Bijoux Necklaces
Bibi Bijoux Pendant Necklace
Bibi Bijoux Logo Charms
Bibi Bijoux Selection of Bracelets, Earrings and Rings
Bibi Bijoux Leather Charm Necklace


Probably the largest element of my collection. Within the last year or so I have found a new love for earrings so there have consequently been quite a few additions to my jewellery stand. Probably sounds stupid to most people, but I just feel so more much more put together if I've got earrings in and I love that you can either be really subtle or make a statement. Short hair and statement earrings has to be one of my favourite styling combinations, I sadly have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it. But here are the earrings I wear and love. 


I used to be completely against wearing hoop earrings, I thought they were chavvy and just outdated in general. However, as they have become more prominent within current fashion trends, I am now a complete convert and they take up almost a third of my entire earring collection. I have a selection of colours and sizes, and I particularly love my big battered gold hoops from H&M. I have also found a few surprisingly good sets of hoops from Primark. 

Large Drop Earrings

These are a selection of my larger, more statement pairs of drop earrings. As you will probably have figured out by now, hearts feature quite heavily throughout my entire jewellery collection. I couldn't really tell you why I just seem to find lots of jewellery I love that happens to have hearts on. I also mainly own silver jewellery however, I have now started to pick up more rose gold and gold pieces and feel more confident in mixing metal finishes, which I never felt I could do before.

Small Drop Earrings

These are my more everyday earrings as they are subtle and easy to wear, regardless of whether I'm wearing my hair is up or down. The most recent addition to this collection are the rose gold Bronzo Italia Heart Design Openwork Earrings (bottom right) which I received as a christmas present this year. 

Stud Earrings

Now that I have found a new love for all things earrings, I tend to wear my studs much less as they're a little bit more plain and boring in comparison to some of my more statement, newer additions.  However, I thought I would still show you my little selection of studs. 


Outside of the rings that I wear every day, I rarely wear any more as I hate wearing rings on my right hand and I think I've reached the maximum amount of rings I can get away with wearing on my left. Therefore, I don't really own very many more rings as I just wouldn't get any wear out of them. However, I do love these few rings and can't bare myself to part with them because of sentimental value again, so I keep them in my jewellery box anyway just incase I fancy switching things up one day. 


Ok so admittedly, I own way too many necklaces for one person. However, I am going to defend the hoarder within me and say that I actually NEED to have this wide selection as different clothing items and necklines require different styles of necklace and I really hate having a bare neck. Therefore, my collection is not excessive, I'm just well prepared for all occasions. These are the necklaces that I own that are not included in my Bibi Bijoux collection. 

Long Pendants


 Delicate Chains

Short Pendants





Finally, I don't own many bracelets that aren't Bibi Bijoux, so this selection is pretty small. Other than a few bangles and smaller bracelets though, I do own a Sweetie Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet by Links of London that I adore. Although I have now accumulated a selection of various charms, my personal favourite is my Sterling Silver Bee Happy Charm

So that's everything in my current jewellery collection! I blame my Gran entirely for this fascination with anything remotely shiny but I wouldn't change it for the world. Thanks for reading.



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