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Motherfunkers 30/03/2017

Girls Night @ Antwerp Mansion

So it's the end of second term and I still can't quite get over the fact that I'm more than half way through my degree already! As we won't be seeing much of each other due to the upcoming Easter break and exam season, all my house girls and I went out together.  Unfortunately, it has become a very rare occasion for all 6 of the house girls to be out at the same time so I thought it was only right to capture the occasion. 

Antwerp Mansion is an old squat that now hosts club nights and last year I was very sceptical about it, turning my nose up at the whole thing. I'd convinced myself that it was dirty and that I wouldn't like the music or the atmosphere. However, I have been twice now and I have to say I've been truly converted. I would go as far to say the few nights out I have been on here have been some of the best I've had in Manchester. I was right about it being a mess, nothing can quite prepare you for the state of the toilets, but once you get over that and get into the habit of bringing toilet roll with you, it's an all round great night! Perhaps the best part about Antwerp is there is absolutely no judgement, you can rock up in your pyjamas and nobody will even look twice, saves spending hours dressing up for the more pretentious bars and clubs in the city centre!

I can't tell you how lucky I am to have found these girls, or more honestly, how thankful I am that they adopted me into their group! I have heard many a horror story about other people's experiences with uni housemates or not even finding people they click with at all, and it only makes me more grateful that I have these sassy ladies in my life. Here's to many more hilarious nights out complete with too many selfies, crazy embarrassing dance moves and fried chicken in the early hours of the morning.

Hair Update

It's All About the Ashy Tones 

The blog has been very quiet recently I'm sorry, unfortunately a series of manic uni deadlines are entirely to blame. However, I did manage to escape for a little while this week and treated myself to a hair refresh. This was my second time having my hair done at the RCNQ salon in Manchester's Northern Quarter and I am in LOVE with the result once again.  I booked in with the stylist Chris and had a balayage colour with a cut and blow-dry. It had been a while since I'd last had my hair done so I wanted quite a bit off the length, asking for a blunt cut just below my chin. I always forget quite how much I love my hair being this short and I really need to be better at maintaining it! Perhaps my favourite thing about my new hair though is the colour, I asked to have all the warmth taken out of it and was aiming for a lighter, more ashy tone. Chris worked his magic, blending everything into my natural roots so the colour is easier to maintain and I couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend RCNQ to anyone living in Manchester looking for a stylist they can trust completely to do a good job every time. Its definitely not the cheapest hair salon around however, hair is something I personally don't mind spending a little bit more on as its so important to get it right, plus they do offer a really good student discount! 


White Frill Sleeve Jumper - H&M
Black Wide Leg Trousers - Zara
White Leather Trainers - Selected Femme
Watch - Storm
Drop Earrings - Bibi Bijoux

Cinched in Stripes

Outfit of the Day

Outfit Details:

Black Long Sleeve Turtle Neck - New Look
Oversized Blue & White Striped Shirt - Boden        Alternative - ASOS
Wide Buckle Waist Belt - River Island                      Alternative - ASOS
Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Mid Wash - Superdry
Patent Black Aladdin Ankle Boots - Schuh
Cocoon Oversized Coat in Mustard- Great Plains
White Watch - STORM
Black Bucket Bag - Karen Millen 

Courtesy of Prada, the corset has had a huge comeback, no longer to be hidden away as underwear, it has been completely reinterpreted and is now a key layering piece to be worn over clothing, accentuating your waist. Now I am not a huge fan of some of the corset pieces that too closely resemble the traditional corset or look like a waist trainer, it just seems unnecessary to me. However, I do love the concept of accentuating your waist, whatever outfit you happen wearing. Whether its an oversized shirt or a summer dress, this corset trend works with absolutely everything and I've been looking for a way to achieve the same look whilst avoiding the more underwear like pieces. In comes the oversized waist belt. Cinches your waist in so is beyond flattering, can be worn over virtually anything, its essentially the perfect accessory and I can't believe it's taken me so long to get my hands on one. The high street has got on board with this trend surprisingly quickly and there are so many variations of the 'corset' available that it's not hard to find a piece that's to your own personal taste.
Another key trend for spring 2017 is Banker Stripes. I stole this shirt from my dad's excessive shirt collection however, these striped shirts are becoming unavoidable. Zara are doing this trend particularly well and most of the pieces I've seen combine multiple spring trends into one piece. For example, striped shirts featuring floral embroidery, or even deconstructed, asymmetric striped shirts. It's definitely a look I want to experiment more with in the near future.

Thanks for reading, Cxx

Liverpool 22/02/17

Spa, Stir-Fry & Site Seeing...

This week my friend Nancy and I went for a long awaited day out in Liverpool. Neither of us had ever been before and having lived in Manchester for over a year now, I really don't know why it has taken us so long, its less than an hour away on the train! Even though we were only there for a few hours and didn't get to explore anywhere near as much as I would have liked, I had such a lovely, relaxing day that I thought I'd blog about it. Hopefully this will be the first of many more day trips to come since there's so many places in the UK, particularly in the north of England, that I am desperate to visit. Living in Manchester it's just so easy to get to places that it would be a shame not to!

Lush Spa - Tailor Made 

The main reason we went to Liverpool, it's our nearest Lush Spa! We'd both heard great things about the Lush Spa treatments from friends and family and went ahead and treated ourselves to a much needed massage. We both chose the Tailor Made treatment which is 30 minutes of localised, deep-tissue massage said to help ease knots and revive both the mind and body. The Tailor Made treatment is a 30 minute localised version of the Good Hour treatment which is a full body massage. When we arrived at Lush we were greeted by two lovely masseuses who escorted us upstairs to further discuss our preferences for our massage, any areas of particular tension and the products that they would be using. We got to choose a massage bar which were allowed to take home after our massage. We both chose the Hottie, not only does it smell amazing but it was recommended to us by our masseuse. It was specifically designed for the deep-tissue massage treatments as the ginger and black pepper oils are both warming and stimulating. The massage bar also acts as a beautifully indulgent moisturiser but I will say you are left feeling slightly greasy after the treatment finishes but not uncomfortably so. I can't wait to try and use the massage bar at home and even purchase a few more with different properties. This spa experience is unlike any other as it is nautical themed and rather than playing your typical calm spa music, sea shanties and folk songs really set the atmosphere and take you on a journey out to say. My all time favourite Lush bath bomb, Big Blue, was dissolved in hot water and poured over dry ice beneath the massage bed just before the treatment began, the scent is amazing and the light film of smoke that covered the floor really set the atmosphere. The massage itself was almost too relaxing, I very nearly fell asleep. My masseuse quickly identified and focused on all of my problem areas and I left feeling as if I was standing taller and had literally had weight lifted off my shoulders. When our treatments had both finished, Nancy and I were in a relaxed trance and were given some black tea with rum accompanied by some delicious homemade shortbread. Overall, I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience at the Lush Spa, the staff make you feel so at home and as if nothing is an inconvenience, you can try any products you like, I would recommend it to anyone and will hopefully be back very soon.

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Casual Monochrome

Outfit of the Day

Since I spend most of my time either in university or just lounging around the house, I thought I would share with you how I style an everyday casual look. Since it doesn't seem to be warming up in Manchester any time soon, jeans, over sized knitwear and a thick coat has become my fail safe formula for a comfortable and effortless outfit. Although creating what is essentially my own uniform has meant it's been very easy to decide what to wear each morning, it can sometimes be a bit boring and I need to find ways to make my winter outfits more interesting. You can't really go wrong with monochrome, so clashing different prints, such as checks and stripes, is an easy way to inject some style into any outfit. Perhaps most importantly, the accessories. Finish with a bucket bag and pair of statement metallic boots and you're good to go. 

Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Primark     Alternative - ASOS
Striped Knitted Vest - ASOS                  Alternative - ASOS
Black Skinny Jeans - Superdry
Rose Gold Ankle Boots - Primark         Alternative - ASOS
Statement Coat - Native Youth              Alternative - ASOS
Bucket Bag - Karren Millen
Watch - Storm

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